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By clicking “Buy Now,” you agree to the specified Terms of Service.  You also agree to take full responsibility for your journey, recognizing that I, as your coach, am here to assist you.  Since this is your journey, I cannot guarantee any specific results and the services provided are not a substitute for professional, medical, or psychiatric counsel or advice.

As some do not feel comfortable with phone conversations and it is not uncommon to articulate thoughts better through text rather than voice, phone sessions are optional and may be substituted with an additional hour of live chatting, if desired.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.  All conversations through email will be viewed solely by Jennifer Soldner.  I will never copy, share or discuss the contents of the email correspondence or phone sessions unless to comply with legal requirements, including but not limited to disclosing any desire for self-harm or harm of another individual.  Any conversation through a third party platform such as Facebook is held to their specific terms of service and privacy policies.

Payments will appear on your bank statement under INFJ Services.